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Cindy Bishop talks about Gigi Hadid and PETA

You know her best as the host of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4 but who is Cindy Bishop behind the camera flashes and glamour?

Being Thai

Well, I love spicy food but that’s not really Thai now is it (laughs)? I would say that I’m very traditional, especially when it comes to Thai traditions. For example, on Mother’s Day, I would present my mum with jasmine flowers as a sign of respect; or during Songkran, I would do all the rituals for the ceremony… These are the little things that I love about my culture; it’s a way of reminding myself what is important.

Personal Rules

I would never do something that I don’t believe in, especially if it goes against the cause that I’m supporting. I’m not completely (with) PETA when it comes to animal cruelty but I would not wear any fur or leather, if possible.

Makeup or Skincare

I’m definitely a makeup kind of girl. My favourites: an eyebrow pencil and a good mascara. I like to play up my eyes. I can pretty much get away with just that.

Styling Tips

Get staples that you can mix and match with but at the same time, keep them in a simple palette. For me, you can never go wrong with neutral colours. Think black and white. With simple clothing, you can go all out with your accessories. For instance, you can pair your outfit with a really fun handbag, some cool earrings or pair it with some cute shoes… You can effortlessly dress yourself up or down according to the occasion.

Current International Model

I really love Gigi Hadid. Oh, and her sister, Bella, as well. They have this exotic allure and it really goes against the stereotypical beauty.

Today’s Beauty

I think we are seeing a lot of interesting people everywhere nowadays. There is so much more than just having a perfect, beautiful face or body. The world, or rather the industry, has involved to the point where beauty is no longer one dimensional anymore. You have to have a great personality too. Even modelling is a 360-degree occupation now. So anything that you have that is quirky, cool and interesting, just do not be afraid and celebrate that.

Finding Balance 

Technically, I’m a full-time mum and a part-time model (laughs). So when I’m not on jobs, I will be taking my kids to school, my son to The Little Gym, my daughter to ballet classes, going out for grocery shopping, preparing dinners…

Hidden Talent

Well, I wouldn’t call it hidden but not many people know about it that’s for sure. I love to sketch. I’ve been sketching and drawing since I was very young. So there is an artist that is hidden inside of me (laughs).

Pet Peeve

People who are unnecessarily rude to other people.