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Still feeling the winter chill? Or just looking to subtly spice up your outfit? Either way, ANNA HOFFMAN has tracked down the top socks in Hong Kong for this week’s online exclusive

A sock drawer is not something that screams luxury, and very few people think of socks as an accessory to consider while assembling their outfit in the morning. However, if you are looking to revamp your sock style, we have three stylish choices for you.
Loro Piana
Coming in at the top of the list is Loro Piana. An Italian brand specialising in the world’s top cashmere products, Loro Piana’s socks come in classic colours such as cream, navy blue and grey. As each pair comes with specific instructions to only wash them with a neutral Loro Piana soap, they definitely do not belong among the gym socks in your drawer.
Alexander McQueen
For a more striking statement sock, try Alexander McQueen’s line available at Lane Crawford. Adorned with the brand’s classic skull logo, the socks come in a variety of colours that will definitely give your outfit an edge and are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a pop of colour to liven up your look. Made with a cotton blend, it’s recommended that these socks are dry-cleaned.
For another more edgy look, Valentino has a line of camouflage socks, also available at Lane Crawford, that are available in a veritable rainbow of colours and are a quirky addition to any outfit. With the Valentino logo stitched on the side, there’s no way you will get these luxury socks confused with any others.
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