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Bottega Veneta Premieres Its First Webisode

Launched with its latest ad campaign, is the first of a video series for The Art of Collaboration Film. 

Bottega Veneta Premieres Its First Webisode

Then, it was rain. This time, it’s snow.

The weather seems to play a serendipitous role in Bottega Veneta’s ad campaigns. One of Tomas Maier’s most memorable is the imagery for Cruise 2013, shot by New York-based photographer David Armstrong. In a previous interview with Prestige Singapore, the creative director revealed that the original plan was to shoot in sunlight in New York. “But that day was grey and bleak. The rain kept falling and the sun never came out. David shot all day, quietly and without fuss. The images he created turned out to be perfect. It shouldn’t have been right but it was.” 

Fast forward to Autumn/Winter 2017,  where an unexpected blizzard pushed the photoshoot of the ad campaign back by a day. The blanket of snow it left behind created a surprisingly spectacular backdrop, endowing the models, clothes and architecture an additional dimension. “That white background really brought out the colours of the clothing in a way that I had not seen before,” says San Franciso-based lensman Todd Hido. “It reminded me of how a cardinal looks so vibrant in the snow.”

Maier concurs. “Often, the unpredictable and uncontrollable make for the best results.”

Starring Eva Herzigova, Mariacarla Boscono, Grace Chen and Simon Nessman, the campaign was set in Lee House 2, a family home built in 1956 by distinguished American mid-century architect John Black Lee. Widely considered to be thehonorary sixth member of the famous “Harvard Five” group of architects, he received an Award of Merit from the American Institute of Architects for this renowned structure.

But what’s particularly significant about this ad campaign is the evolution of behind-the-scenes video to a short film. Mixed Messages is Bottega Veneta’s first webisode from the new The Art of Collaboration Film, “a new platform of episodic content” according to the press release.

Maier is excited about this new addition to the ongoing Art of Collaboration project, where he works with prominent visual artists to produce the season’s ad campaign. “Mixed Messages is a great way to introduce this new element to the series,” he enthuses. The video follows the cast through an intriguing storyline, with a definitive ending deliberately left out.

“Here, you have three women, who vary in age, and one young man,” he points out. “But who are they in relation to one another? This film invites you to determine your own ending.”

Enjoy the video above.