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Six new anti-ageing treatments we like

We suss out the latest aesthetic treatments designed to help you look like you turned back time — surgery not included.


What: Belotero fillers

Where: Privé Aesthetics, #03-02 Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road

Duration: 30-45 minutes

While non-invasive procedures promise to tackle signs of age over time, there is nothing that eliminates these symptoms quite as instantly as dermal fillers. Among the different types available in the market, the most popular are hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers such as Belotero, which are made of the same volumising and moisturising component as skin. Injected under the skin, they fill out lines and hollowed out areas that are caused by the natural ageing process, as well as external factors such as smoking, stress, poor diet and overexposure to the sun.

Belotero is marketed as the only injectable treatment that can provide seamless tissue integration, thanks to a patented technology known as the Cohesive Polydensified Matrix (CPM). Its ability to completely fill the dermal volume prevents the risk of gel migration under the skin. Since it can seamlessly mesh with one’s own tissue, the Tyndall Effect, a common side effect from HA fillers that causes a bluish skin discolouration, can also be avoided.  

Belotero comes in five variants (Volume, Balance Soft, Hydro and Intense) with different concentrations of HA. Soft is used to fill fine wrinkles while Volume is used to define the chin or nose.

Since Belotero needs to be administered by a needle, pain and the fear of receiving it can act as deterrents. This is where Dr Karen Soh and her years of experience come into play. The president of the Association for Women Doctors Singapore (AWDS) — who has trained in surgery, intensive care, obstetrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology and anaesthesia — can expertly wield a needle without causing so much as a gentle prick on the skin. The inclusion of Lidocaine, a pain-relieving ingredient, in Belotero and the application of a topical numbing cream before the procedure makes the entire experience more comfortable.

The result? Tear troughs were filled instantly and cheeks appeared plumper. There was also minimal downtime save for a slight bruising at one of the injection sites, which can be easily concealed with make-up.


What: IDS Laser Lift

Where: IDS Clinic, #05-07 to 10, Novena Specialist Center, 8 Sinaran Drive

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Laser lifting treatments on the skin’s surface are in abundant supply, but IDS Clinic does it differently. Its state-of-the-art non-invasive procedure doesn’t only fire energies on the outside, but from inside the mouth as well. Consisting of three steps, this treatment is designed to stimulate collagen production from deep within the skin’s layers to lift the face, while reducing the appearance of ageing lines such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines and perioral wrinkles (lines around the mouth).

Step one is the intraoral laser lifting. Though the process promises little pain, a numbing cream is still applied on the face to ensure minimum discomfort, because the lasers can feel hot. While the cream starts to take effect, a non-ablative laser is fired from inside the mouth, starting from inside the left cheek to the middle of the upper and lower lips, before the same is done from the right cheek to the lips. Other than a prickly, warm feeling from the lasers on the thinner, more sensitive areas — such as under both upper and lower lips — the procedure is relatively painless. What can be a bit disconcerting, though, is the slight burning smell caused by the laser.

Once this first step is complete (which takes about 10 minutes), the second step uses another laser to stimulate collagen production on the outside. The feeling is somewhat the same, though you feel the heat slightly more. What this laser does is to send spikes of high temperature into the skin to boost the effects of step one. This time, the laser doesn’t just concentrate on the cheeks but on the entire face, including the forehead, temple and chin.

The final step is the ultra-lifting, in which a different laser setting is used to heat the collagen for a tightening effect, which will reduce the appearance of unsightly lines on the face. The procedure ends with the application of sunblock to protect the skin from UV rays.

Immediately after the treatment, the cheeks will sport a healthy pink flush, so feel free to put on some light make-up if you wish or better yet, go barefaced.

Post-treatment, there may be a slight discomfort (a warm, prickly feeling) as the numbing cream wears off and the skin starts rejuvenating. But this only lasts for a few hours so there’s no downtime. After which, the deep lines on the face, especially smile lines, are smoother and less visible. Five sessions, done about four weeks apart, is recommended for optimum results.  IDS Laser Lift is also recommended for post-Thermage treatments or to maintain the results of Thermage.


What: Glow To Go IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Where: EstheClinic, 72 Tras St

Duration: 20 minutes

Touted as a “zero pain” treatment that instantly brightens and firms the skin with no downtime, this skin rejuvenation treatment uses EstheClinic’s unique MacPeel technology, which claims to work twice as fast as traditional IPL (intense pulsed-light) systems. 

Unlike traditional IPL that delivers a high level of energy in a single zap (often described like the sensation of rubber bands snapping against your skin), this treatment gradually raises the heat of skin to the optimum temperature for cellular rejuvenation, so that the experience is pain free.

High-intensity pulses of light are passed across the skin to induce controlled wounds deep within, prompting the skin to heal itself — creating new cells and promoting increased collagen production to smoothen and refine skin, shrink pores, and soften fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment also promises to reduce uneven pigmentation and give a more even-toned, radiant and smooth complexion.

During the treatment, no numbing cream is needed before the therapist uses a handheld device to “massage” the face and neck. True to its claims, there is hardly any pain, save for a warm and slightly tingly sensation throughout. The treatment ends with a relaxing facial, neck and shoulder massage.

The results are immediately visible, with skin appearing more radiant and dark spots diminished — perfect for time-strapped urbanites who want a quick perk-me-up. Benefits are said to last up to three weeks, and six to eight sessions are recommended for best results.


What: Eye Revo Treatment

Where: Cambridge Medical Group, #08-05A1 Ngee Ann City Tower B, 391B Orchard Road

Duration: 20 minutes

At Cambridge Medical, getting rid of eye bags doesn’t require surgery – thanks to the Eye Revo treatment, a progressive Korean technique that has now become the signature treatment of the clinic’s Dr Lee Mun Heng.

The almost pain-free treatment uses a patented micro needle that is likened to the size of a mosquito’s proboscis. Done under magnification, the microscopic application calls for 120 to 300 pricks, depending on your needs. The needle emits a radio-frequency energy that helps to melt away the fat between the skin and orbital septum that is responsible for the appearance of eye bags, which will seem less apparent after only one session. It also helps to firm the skin around the eye area, as well as reduce the intensity of fine lines and wrinkles. Dr Lee recommends repeating the treatment monthly for best effects. No downtime is required.


What: Combination Laser Treatment

Where: Dr. L, #09-09/10 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road

Duration: 20 minutes

A joint venture between the Singapore Medical Group and Korean cosmetics firm Leaders, Dr. L may be a new player in the market, but has already earned a reputation for treatments tailored specifically for Asian skin. Its signature Combination Laser Treatment can be further  customised to meet an individual’s skin type and preferences.

A unique protocol, the treatment draws on the efficacies of several laser technologies, as no one laser programme can adequately resolve multiple skin problems. Combined, the laser treatments encourage improvement of skin texture and laxity while reducing dullness, wrinkles, pigmentation and enlarged pores.

Each treatment first begins with a consultation with a specialist who will determine the best course of action. For instance, if uneven skin texture is your primary concern, the treatment may involve the use of skin resurfacing lasers, such as the Fraxel Restore Dual Laser and Mixto SX Fractional CO2 Laser machines. Resurfacing removes skin layer by layer to stimulate the regrowth of skin with improved texture and laxity. If the treatment of vascular conditions is a priority, the specialist may instead recommend the use of the Cutera Excel V Laser that administers a unique green laser that is developed to treat abnormal blood vessels, facial veins and benign  pigmented lesions such as rosacea.


What: KKUM Snow Glow Facial

Where: Dream Plastic Surgery, #17-03/04 Paragon, 290 Orchard Road

Duration: 45 minutes–1 hour

Helmed by renowned craniofacial and plastic surgeon Dr Vincent Yeow, Dream Plastic Surgery  (A subsidiary of Korea’s Dream International Holdings) is primarily known for its aesthetic procedures. It does, however, also offer non-invasive cosmeceutical treatments  such as its signature KKUM facial treatment series.

The latest addition to the range is the KKUM Snow Glow Facial, which is suitable for all skin types and seeks to hydrate, whiten and even out one’s complexion. Like most facials, it starts with deep cleansing and exfoliation. Impurities in the skin are then removed via a pneumatic suction. A slight stinging sensation may be experienced during this step (depending on the intensity of the machine), but is still notably less painful compared to the traditional manual extraction method.

Following an antioxidant serum bath, the clinic’s own Dr Dream Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer is slathered on the skin. Fortified with bamboo water (to improve skin health), birch tree water (for its anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties) and various peptides (that provide the skin with nutrients), it glides effortlessly on and melts into a lotion-like texture for quick absorption. For deeper penetration, the RE10 handheld device is then used to massage the cream into the skin. The device comes programmed with three modes — anti-ageing, whitening and lifting — which will be selected by the therapist based on the skin’s needs.

After which, the Dream Formula Neo-naturalism face mask is applied and LED light therapy is administered. The light therapy inhibits the production of excess melanin and breaks up existing melanin clusters to diminish discoloration. The facial then ends off with the application of products from the clinic’s Dr Dream line. Products used will be selected based on the individual’s skin concerns.

The difference is discernible immediately after the treatment, with skin appearing brighter as well as feeling plumper and more hydrated. For best results, at least seven sessions are recommended, once every three to four weeks.