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Clé de Peau Beauté’s LUCIA PIERONI reveals the secret of the perfect pout

LUCIA PIERONI, THE woman behind the alluring red mouth of Amanda Seyfried in Clé de Peau Beauté’s latest campaign and the creator of the looks of Hollywood stars such as Rihanna and Jennifer Aniston, decided to
go back to her English roots – quite literally – when faced with the task of creating a new colour collection for the cosmetic brand. As a passionate gardener, also trained as an artist, she’s always had an affinity for roses and was inspired by their velvety texture, rich hues and strong fragrance to design a range of lipsticks in ravishing shades that range from deep sensual reds to softer pinks. Here, she talks about the creation of the sumptuous palette and shares some invaluable tips on how to achieve a beautifully made-up mouth.

Why roses?
It’s my favourite flower; there are infinite colours and possibilities of a rose, and it’s incredibly feminine, very sensual. They smell amazing; they have so many colours and just this whole life of it from the little bug to the grown rose. I have a lot of them in my garden as well and love smelling them.

How did you come up with the 30 shades for the lipstick collection?
It was quite hard to condense it down to 30 colours because I made an awful lot of them. There was a lot of red because I do like red, possibly too much. I love a really dark red, almost a black. But I have to combine my creativity with my experience from being a make-up artist without going completely crazy with colours. I think roses are so incredible, you just look at them and you go, “Wow, that would be an amazing colour, and that one, and that one,” and then you’d have so many and you’d have to kind of stop.

You seem to be a fan of red lips. Why do you think they’re always on trend?
This year it’s definitely about red, either the bright red or very dark red. There’s a lot of really dark red, a goth trend going on right now. I think it’s a lot harder to wear very dark red as it has a tendency to make your mouth look smaller – the darker the colour the smaller it appears, so you have to kind of overdraw so you don’t look like you’ve got a really small mouth.

What kind of make-up do you pair with strong hues of lipsticks?
For this particular collection, I wanted to keep the eye shadow quite light because we wanted to make a statement about red lipstick and I think it’s better just not to have too much make-up. So you wear very gold, bronzy colours that work really well the good life | lips | with red. It’s a very simple kind of boyish face, not too much make-up but with a really beautifully sculpted brow. And then a little bit of a smoky eye but not too heavy, which is also a trend this season.

Do you have any favourite pieces from this collection?
I tend to wear the red, especially this bright red, which is number 303. I love this one; it’s like a day colour, just like a rose lip, a little bit of a stain. I also like 202, which is the nude brown; I wore this one last night. It’s great
if you’re doing a really dark eye or black eyeliner, so there’s not too much going on in your face.

Is there a difference in the way Asian and Western women approach make-up?
The biggest difference is that you wear your eyeshadow and your lip colour much lighter. Western women tend to go for darker, for sure, but to be honest with you, you’re sort of slightly meeting in the middle nowadays. Of the lipsticks I create for Clé de Peau, the three top sellers are the same everywhere. I don’t personally like to look at it as like East and West, I look at it as who you are and what I think you should wear or what I think would suit an individual person.