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Sulwhasoo X Art: A Fairytale Collaboration

Sulwhasoo’s latest Sulwha Cultural Exhibition may be international in outlook, but yet, it holds firm to its Korean roots.

For those who will be in Seoul before December 19, here’s your chance to catch the annual Sulwha Cultural Exhibition by Korean beauty giant Sulwhasoo. A platform for celebrating Korean traditional culture, its ninth showcase reimagines folklores through the eyes of young contemporary artists.
Aiming to promote cross-generational connection, the exhibition Once Upon a Time: Tale of Crape Myrtle takes inspiration from the heart-wrenching folktale of a hero who goes to battle a monster sea serpent, promising to return to his maiden. Although he is victorious, she mistakenly believes he died and takes her own life. Inspired by the symbolic motifs in the tale — good and evil, commitment and promise, meeting and parting, death and reincarnation — 11 up and coming contemporary artists, such as designer Dongjoo Seo, songwriter JaeMyoung Doe and installation artist Minseop Yoon, each recreate a scene from the tale.
The creations range from illustrations to large-scale installations that have been put together with materials such as plastic rods, coffee stirrers and plastic tubes.
Blue Square Nemo Gallery in Hannam-dong Seoul, 194, Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul