Tee Khoon Tang

Tang Tee Khoon


Violinist, 30

“Music can move people’s hearts. And as a performer, I have this privilege to do so,” says Tang Tee Khoon, who started playing the violin at age four. The second recipient of the 1750 J.B.Guadagnini violin under the National Arts Council’s Violin Loan Scheme — the US$490,000 instrument will be in her care until 2016 — Tang made her concerto appearance at 12 with the NUS Symphony Orchestra. But she prefers to not dwell on her accomplishments. She says: “I don’t remember what my proudest moment is. I am proud if I am able to do my best.” She is now preparing for Love and friendship: Mendelssohn, the Schumanns and Brahms, a concert that will be held later this month.