Ruth Ling

Although musician Ruth Ling has performed all around the world, supporting singers such as Stephanie Sun and A-mei at their concerts, her heart will always remain in Singapore.

In 2012, Ling shifted her focus from performing to music management and founded Red Roof Records, in hopes of raising the bar of Singapore’s music industry. The company mentors budding producers and performers, and provides production and marketing services for live performances. “Today, every artiste owns their own record label, since they can publish and distribute music through the Internet. This levels the playing field. However, I believe the principles of teamwork, budgeting and networking still stand, and artistes still need a good dose of that to succeed,” she says.

Red Roof Records was involved in The LKY Musical, an achievement that brings Ling immense gratification: “When Singapore Repertory Theatre approached me to orchestrate the musical, it was hard to say no because Lee Kuan Yew is someone I have a lot of respect for. I am a direct beneficiary of his hard work and talent.”

And as a gift to Singapore for its 50th birthday, Ruth has produced Sing, Love, an album of songs by local talents in our four national languages, about the concept of home.