Chap Huat Lim

Co-founder and Group Managing Director

Group Managing Director of Soilbuild Group Holdings, Lim Chap Huat is a believer of "nil sine labore" or “nothing without hard work". The contractor-turned-developer co-founded his company at 22, fresh out of NS, with $5,000. Today, the builder and developer of residential and industrial properties counts the upscale Leonie Parcview and Meier Suites among its developments. Its commercial developments include Solaris at One-North and Eightrium at Changi Business Park. In 2013, the privately held group listed its construction arm Soilbuild Construction Group and Soilbuild Business Space REIT. Lim sits on the board of both — he is executive chairman of the construction group and a non-executive director of the REIT. Soilbuild is also expanding its presence overseas and is managing several construction projects in Myanmar. Beyond his business interests, Lim has been an active grassroots leader in Chong Pang for the last 15 years, focusing his attention on the poor and the needy, especially students. He is also one of Victoria School's most generous patrons.


Soilbuild Group Holdings