Wai Keung Cheng


Chairman and Managing Director

Cheng Wai Keung is chairman and managing director of luxury condominium developer Wing Tai Holdings and, according to Forbes' 2013 list of Singapore's 50 Richest, the 30th most wealthy person in our island-nation. His net-worth, estimated at $956.5 million by Forbes, was boosted this year by a record $300 million asking price for a Nassim Road mansion that Cheung and his wife Helen put on the market in August. One of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world, it generated a great deal of excitement and pushed Wing Tai's stock up to its highest point in three years. Cheung holds directorships in public and private companies, including Temasek Holdings, has served on the boards of several government organisations and has been Justice of Peace since 2000. For the 2013 financial year, its net profit doubled that of 2012, from $262.4 million to $531.1 million, on a 113.2 percent rise in revenue to $1.33 billion.


Wing Tai Holdings